About Us

We have some history

TransFamilies.org was founded by Gender Diversity, a nonprofit that has been around in one form or another since 2001. That was the first year our founder, Aidan Key, put on his first conference for transgender individuals. Today, in addition to this site, Gender Diversity is active in three other arms of support and education.

  • We run year-round family support groups in Seattle and neighboring Puget Sound areas.
  • We produce the annual Gender Odyssey conference  for professionals, families, kids, and youth.
  • We provide private consultation services to parents and trainings and policy recommendations to schools, law firms, PTAs, churches, and other non-governmental organizations.

We’ve been where you are

TransFamilies.org is operated by people who are transgender or who have spouses or children who are trans or gender diverse. Our staff and volunteers have all spent time wrestling with their own doubt, confusion, elation, frustration, fears, and joys related to transitioning. We are here because we know the value of talking to and connecting with others who have been on a similar journey. We won’t tell you how your family should do this, but we are happy to share with you what we did—what worked for us and what didn’t.

Why have this site?

Our inspiration for this website comes from seeing the power and hope parents get from talking to each other in our weekly support group meetings in Washington. Magic happens in those spaces. Parents who arrive with sadness, nerves, and more questions than they can carry leave smiling and expressing hope. They feel less alone in the world. But not everyone lives in our neighborhoods and can drive to our meetings. So, we want to bring the discussions to them—in whatever state or county they live in.

Watch the video below to hear from a few of the families who’ve joined our groups as they share their stories and the value of connection.

Want to know more about our staff and facilitators? Click here.