Coming Out, a Christmas Story

This is the sweetest story you might ever see!

British author Amanda Mancino-Williams is “mum” to a 13-year-old. A few days ago, she posted a thread to Twitter showing a cute little story book created by her child, who slid it under her door.

The book says they have something to tell her, and proceeds to define a daughter and a son/sun. The unexpected twist is that they weren’t an artist specializing in pointillism but discovered that “being a ball of gas suits me better.”

The story continues to explain the similarities between the son and sun (made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen) and the differences (one has a gender and the other doesn’t). 

She ends by saying “This is a fantastic gift for all of us. And, he wanted me to share to inspire others to be themselves.”

Agreed! What a fantastic gift. 

So, how did your child come out to you? There is no right way or wrong way, no way that is better than any other as long as we listen and love our kids. Share your story with us below or in the forums.

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