Double the Reasons to be Thankful: You and Our Official Launch!

Two years ago, we launched the pilot of a world-changing online space called Trans Families. We envisioned and built — with the support of so many of you — a virtual platform that will serve as a hub for families with gender diverse children urgently needing support and resources.

We are excited to officially “cut the ribbon” and launch the site where we provide immediate support through video support groups, forums, resources and more. We are proud to share that we have seventeen monthly support groups (with more in development!), including groups for families of color and Spanish-speaking parents, a new blog, and snazzy social media-like discussion forums for deeper community building. 

For Double Thanksgiving this year we are celebrating Trans Families, while also raising funds to ensure we can keep all our programs running smoothly. As usual, Double Thanksgiving means double the donation — we have secured a match so your donation is doubled!

How your donation helps

$17 — We have 17 ongoing virtual support groups for parents and youth on Trans Families. A $17 donation helps support each and every one. Plus with the match, your donation is really $34!

$52 — We had 13 TYTANs (Trans Youth Taking Action Now) in our 2020 cohort. Help us with $4/TYTAN and have it matched for a total of $104.

$357 — In 2020, we have 357 new families contact us to get support. WOW! Can you help with a $1 donation for each family? That adds up to $714 with the match.

Can you give to our campaign so we can help more families in need than ever? Donate here.



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  1. I hope this isn’t rude to ask, but what specifically does the money support? Website maintenance fees? Phone line? Are there paid employees other than the volunteer support group leaders?

    1. (I ask this info of any charity that requests aid – I need to know how much $ is going to overhead vs actual dollars to the wildlife/kids/resources that the charity supports. 🙂 Thanks in advance!)

    2. Hi, Seastars. Thank you for the question.

      We do have 7 paid employees that keep all of the operations going, including managing the website and phone lines. Most of us also facilitate the intake meetings each week as well as some of the support groups. So most of our costs are for the overhead of the staff and technical costs associated with keeping the online platform safe and secure for our families’ privacy, since we don’t offer direct services in the way you might be thinking for a wildlife org.

      1. I appreciate your honest answer. (P.s. I didn’t get an email notification for your blog comment, like I have for new forum comments. Perhaps there’s a setting I could toggle?)