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Jul 26

4th Sunday of July – Extra Credit – DISCLOSURE

July 26 @ 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Managing the Moment of Disclosure

As parents, we wish that there was a way to disclose our child’s gender identity and exploration with ease and grace but there are so many considerations!

  • Who really needs to know and when?
  • How can I be respectful of my child’s wishes/needs (which may not be the same!) without abdicating parental responsibilities?
  • Is this a safe time to disclose?
  • Is more “strategic” timing or approach necessary?  In what situations?
  • What are the unique variables within my family/community that may constitute a different approach?
  • How can I better help my child (of any age) in understanding and/or managing situations of deliberate or inadvertent disclosure?

We often talk about how transphobia impacts our family’s experience but it runs deeper than that.  What about racism, homophobia, religion, cultural expectations/norms, sexism and politics? These can make an uncomfortable situation for some, and an extremely dangerous situation for others.  How can we understand more clearly what is at stake and in what situations?

Don’t downplay the reality of gender disclosures – this can be a big and scary thing. A lot can be at risk—relationships with friends, family, faith community, co-workers and many others.  Understanding the deeper context of what is (or might be) at risk is important.  How do we manage these situations as parents?  How do we teach our child(ren) these complexities without terrifying them?

Join us for an interactive conversation about how, when, if to disclose one’s gender status and how to assist children in this process as well.  Do not expect a one-size-fits-all solution but do expect a rich, dynamic discussion!

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