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  • evie

    July 11, 2018 at 7:15 pm

    We are glad you’re here! Your questions, experience, compassion, and contributions are the core of these message boards (forums). Please read the following rules and policies before entering the forums. Your participation constitutes your agreement to abide by these rules. If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of our Moderators or Admins. All forum and group meeting participants must complete an intake call before participating, for the security of our participants.

    To be sure that TransFamilies.org is a safe and trustworthy resource for everyone in our community, please ensure your posts are:

    Respectful of other members, their posts, and especially their privacy.

    • Maintain the confidentiality of the families who are members here. Some people share their stories freely while others are more private. Breaking confidentiality can have serious – even dangerous – consequences for a family. Please remember this as you engage in our groups, forums, and when or if you encounter a family outside the safety of our groups.
    • We are not the pronoun police. Please use the pronoun that best allows YOU to engage in conversation when referencing your child. If you want support or encouragement for incorporating a different pronoun in reference to your child, you can certainly request that of others. Do not correct, shame, or pressure others to use different pronouns. We are here to support each other’s journey. Know that this can be different for everyone.
    • It is reasonable to ask for clarification with respect to new or unfamiliar terminology. Moderators or other members may provide this clarification but no one should feel pressured to adopt terms they do not feel are applicable. Gender-related language is constantly growing and evolving. Members are encouraged to use language that works best to describe their own family’s experience and afford others the courtesy to do the same.
    • Be compassionate and respectful. The greatest value of Trans Families can be gained when we are willing to openly share our experiences while also learning from the experiences of others.
    • Sometimes you’ll come across values that differ from your own. Our groups are comprised of folks from all political, faith, educational, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. The core foundation of our parent groups is based on a common goal of lovingly supporting our children in their gender exploration and respectfully offering each other support in this journey.


    Please refrain from posting any sexually explicit comments, or profanity. Posts that include such language, or graphic descriptions of violence, criminal activity, or hate-speech may be removed without warning. Posts with links to dangerous or pornographic content will result in an immediate ban without warning. Repeated violators risk membership suspension or termination at the sole discretion of Trans Families.


    Families will often seek recommendations for health and wellness services in their area, along with books and events. Providing information about a resource based on your personal experience is encouraged. Member referrals should be fully vetted by that member before being posted. Trans Families is not able to review and verify suggested member recommendations, and is not responsible for successful or unsuccessful engagement with any provider, resource, or any other member referral. We reserve the right to remove inaccurate, problematic, and/or promotional content from our site for any reason, along with spam, surveys, research requests, and polls.

    Moderators ensure the forums are a welcoming place for all. They may take certain actions to keep the forums organized and helpful for everyone. Actions taken by moderators are not up for public discussion. Any concerns about moderators should be directed to the staff of Trans Families (info@transfamilies.org) for further consideration and/or action.

    Additional Notes on Privacy & Personal Information

    We ask that all members respect one other’s privacy and personal information. Members are strongly encouraged to use a nickname, first-name only, or pseudonym when engaging with other members. While Trans Families has a number of screening and privacy processes in place, we cannot fully ensure the privacy needs of all.

    Do not publicly post another member’s personal information, and please use your best discretion when or if disclosing any personal information to another member(s).

    Examples of personal information

    • Full names
    • Home or other physical addresses
    • Email or other online contact information
    • Telephone numbers
    • Contents of a private email or conversation with another member
    • Photos or other images of any family member

    We are excited to have you here! Thank you for joining us!

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