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Get Involved

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There are a lot of ways to be involved in Trans Families. You can request a membership here to have access to our private discussion forums (after an intake and orientation). You can volunteer. You can even present a workshop at our Gender Odyssey conferences. Learn about all of the ways you can be part of our family below. is a membership website for families with transgender, non-binary, or gender diverse kids of any age. Our members, facilitators, and administrators are primarily composed of people who are raising/have raised a transgender child, are in a relationship with a trans or non-binary person, are trans themselves, or are in some way related to a trans person. Beyond that, we are a widely diverse group of people, coming from many different ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds. We are young, old, and anywhere in between. Politically and religiously, we cover a spectrum of perspectives and beliefs. We are here because we love our children. We want to see them live, thrive, ultimately leading full lives and contributing to society in amazing ways.


Become a Member

As our online groups grow, so does our need for facilitators. Our volunteer facilitators attend in depth training sessions to prepare for their role, along with monthly debrief meetings with the whole facilitator team. If you’ve been attending groups, and have been on this journey with your family for at least a year, consider bringing your heart and wisdom forward to help other families get their footing.


Help Facilitate

We need committed, knowledgeable people who can ensure that forum conversations are secure, friendly, respectful, and relevant. Moderating a forum is also a great way to enhance your own learning while being an integral part of a rapidly growing community.


Help Moderate Forums

Do you have mad skills with graphic design? Social media platforms? Organizing files? Fundraising? Youth programming? Event management? Are you multi-lingual? We would love to talk to you more about these or any other special skills you’re thinking you could contribute.


Volunteer Your Skills

As a nonprofit organization, we are committed to making this resource – our online community, groups, forums, and workshops – financially-accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Your donation helps to ensure we can continue providing all of our programs to anyone who needs them. Your donation makes it possible for us to train facilitators, maintain youth mentorship programs and multi-lingual programs. Thank you for your support!



Trans Families is an equal opportunity employer and it is our policy to comply with all federal, state and local equal employment opportunity laws. We do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, color, religion or creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, marital status, physical ability, family responsibility, political affiliation or any other status protected by applicable law.

Currently, there are no staff openings.