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Membership Levels and Pricing

A little bit about what these membership levels mean for both YOU and for US.



YOU: For families who need these services, but are already making difficult financial choices about food, rent, and utilities.

US: We are committed to providing support to ALL families who need it. We do not want money to be a barrier! Please select this level if your finances require it.



YOU: For families who have a little bit of expendable income, or who are temporarily in a tighter spot and may just need a break.

US: Every dollar helps defray our daily expenses, and we hope this level feels manageable even if things are tight.



YOU: For the once-a-week price of your favorite hot beverage including tip for the barista, you can opt for this most selected membership level.

US:   We know that many of you have at one time felt isolated and we we want to ensure that you and others get the support you need. 



YOU: For the price of delivered meal, you'll have 24/7 access to all services.

US: This level helps defray some of the costs associated with coordinating dozens of facilitators and other volunteers to ensure we are always there for you and your child.



YOU: You know that building community makes all the difference for youth, parents, and families - and you'd like to ensure that Trans Families continues to create spaces for that.

US: This is the actual cost per member to sustain and grow Trans Families. A nationwide influx of new families are finding us, and we aim to meet this growing need.



YOU and US: You know best what you can afford, and what you can contribute to help keep the lights on at Trans Families. We want this to work for everyone!


I always enjoy these meetings. It's great to feel validated in this journey with my child. I love the honesty and wide range of topics that are covered.

-Trans Families Member

I just wanted to say thank you. We attended our first support group for Tweens yesterday and we felt very welcomed. I was able to finally exhale some of the air I have been holding in since my child came out to me a couple of months ago.

-Trans Families Member

Benefits of Membership


We screen our members so that you know you are amongst other families who have shared experience and diverse perspectives.

Mutual Learning

While you are benefiting from the support of others, they are benefitting from your experience, support and knowledge.


You’ll have a more private environment in which to continue your learning.


You will have access to a more nonjudgmental community in which to explore at the pace, and to the degree, that works for you.


You can directly connect with others in multiple ways that are beneficial to your family. Some of these include:

  • Discussion Forums: Find and engage with others based on shared interests, pressing questions, geographic location, resource sharing, and more.
  • Online Groups: Hear the perspectives of families with children within the same age range or gender identity, family make-up, etc.
  • Webinars and Events: Delve more deeply into topics that speak to your experience more closely including…
  • Member Directory: Connect with others who share your family’s experience (example: POC, faith, neurodiversity, location, and much more)
  • Research: Have access to vetted studies, articles, and guidance on topics that address gender identity in children, legal considerations, current best medical practices, etc.
  • Resources: Benefit from TF-developed resources such as guidance on screening and selecting medical and mental health providers, selecting a gender-inclusive school for your child or how to work with your school community to improve the environment for trans and gender diverse children, and considering how/when/to what extent/or even whether or not to share your family’s story with others.

Have more questions about membership?

Contact us or call 855-4GENDER for answers.