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If you are a family member who needs information and support regarding your child’s gender expression or identity, Trans Families can help.

Community Connection

Connecting to other families like yours can make all the difference in the world. Log in to keep up with your friends, message directly, and follow the conversation.

Trans Families Discussion Boards

Available to our site members, our discussion boards are a place to ask for advice, share tips, celebrate victories, share advocacy, find resources and much more.

Trans Families Online Support Groups

Our peer support groups for parents and guardians began in 2008, making it the longest running support group of its kind in the country. When it is safe, we will resume our founding face-to-face groups in Seattle and greater Puget Sound area. Meanwhile, all of our groups are meeting online. Beginning autumn 2020, we have also started youth support groups online.

Check our Support Groups page for upcoming meetings.

Trans Families Support groups are for families with trans and gender diverse children.  We screen all attendees to ensure that the groups are safe. Start the process here, or contact us at, to schedule an intake & orientation call prior to attending your first meeting.

Among the topics addressed at our group meetings:

  • Is this a phase?
  • What if my child changes his/her mind?
  • Are trainings available for my child’s school?
  • Are there other families like mine?
  • How is this different from being gay?
  • How do I talk to friends, family, and co-workers about this?
  • How do we find a good doctor (therapist, school, etc.)?
  • My spouse and I disagree on how to address this issue. What should we do?
  • Did my parenting in some way cause this?
  • How do I legally change my child’s ID documents?