Monthly Support Groups for Families with Gender Diverse Children

Trans Families meets gender diverse children & their families exactly where they are — whether hesitant, scared, confused, or exuberant — and accompanies parents on a path towards support of their children of all ages. Through our online community,, we bring support to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Here are the groups we currently have for parents or caregivers to join. More are being added all the time!

  • Parents of Littles (elementary school and under)
  • Parents of Color»Parents of trans /gender-diverse children of any age
  • Youth Zoom Group for Middle School age up to College»Parents of Middle Schoolers
  • Dad’s Group
  • Hang Time* for youth who are gender- and neuro-diverse
  • Latinx & Spanish Speaking parents
  • Parents of High Schoolers and Adult-aged Children
  • Extra Credit: detailed topics about gender
  • Parents of nonbinary children of any age
  • Thriving on Two Spectrums* for parents of children who are gender- and neuro-diverse

* These groups meet every 2 months

Want to get started?

  1. Become a member. We have a brief screening process and orientation. Again, your safety and privacy matter and this step helps ensure an optimal environment for all.
  2. Install Zoom. (See instructions to the right under “New to Video Groups?”)
  3. Register for one or more group meetings.
  4. After you register you will receive an email containing a Zoom link (URL).  A few minutes before the time of the support group meeting, click the link to join the meeting.

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