Resource: Supporting Your Young Gender Non-Conforming Child

Trans Families is proud to partner with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and their Parents for Transgender Equality Council. The Council is made up of families of trans youth from all across the country, and represents the diversity of family experiences — trans boys, trans girls, and non-binary and gender non-conforming kids; families in red states and blue states, from various faith backgrounds; families whose children transitioned pre-K and up to early adulthood; and families of color and those with multi-cultural experiences. 

The Parent Council works in conjunction with other transgender adults and experts to develop supportive materials that share their own experiences and act as helpful tools for parents new to their child’s gender journey or in specific advocacy spaces. 

One new publication just released offers support to parents who often feel alone, even in trans-friendly spaces. Supporting Your Young Gender Non-Conforming Child, written by Council Member Jennifer Solomon and HRC Youth Well-Being Coordinator Pallavi Rudraraju, empowers those parents to navigate common situations they may encounter in school, in the community, and with other family members with confidence. 

The guide contains the following:

  • A glossary of relevant terms to better understand gender expansive identities
  • Advice for navigating common situations
  • A book list for parents, caregivers and youth
  • Support in finding a competent and inclusive health care provider
  • Addressing common misconceptions about gender non-conforming children
  • Additional resources for parents, caregivers, and youth-serving professionals

Download this helpful guide now.

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