Subscriptions and Digests


When you are viewing a forum or topic that interests you, and you want to be kept up to date on changes to that forum or topic, click the Subscribe button in the upper right.  If you subscribe to a forum, you will be notified, via a weekly email digest, of any new topics created within that forum.  If you subscribe to a topic, you will be notified of any new replies in that topic.

Note that if you are subscribed to a forum, you only get notified of new topics.  You do not get notified of every reply under those topics.  For that, you’ll need to subscribe the individual topics. You also will not be notified of changes in any sub-forums.

This may seem confusing at first, but it allows you to subscribe to only the things you care about and avoid being spammed by those things you don’t care about.


Simply click the Unsubscribe button in a forum or topic, just like how you subscribed.

Email Digests

You will be sent an email digest (summary) of any new content in forums or topics you are subscribed to.  You can change the frequency of the email digest, by clicking your name in the upper right, then from the menu choose “Profile” then “Edit”.  Click on  “Subscriptions Digest”.    Choices are daily, weekly, monthly, or never.  If you also want to receive a separate email immediately whenever any new content is posted, check the checkbox that says “Send me a new topic/reply notification email regardless of my Digest preferences above.”