Video Support Groups

Video Support Groups

Frequently Asked Questions


Raising a child who is transgender, gender diverse, or simply exploring their gender is sometimes daunting.

According to most of our families, the single, most crucial resource they found was the opportunity to converse with other families—those with shared experience, and even those whose experience was quite different. We offer a growing number of support groups to help make these important connections. Our hope at Trans Families is that your connection with other parents will illuminate the pathways to support a strong, resilient, and happy child.

The best group for you could be one (or more) of the following – see the list below. For some, timing is the biggest challenge to attending a group. For others, a specific experience is most pressing.  We recommend starting with a group focused on the age of your child, and then branching out. But there is no limit. Groups are tailored to various kinds of experiences.

We are happy to help you identify the best groups to suit your needs, and you are invited to attend any group you wish (unless you are a parent and want to attend a youth group, or vice versa).

Day Time Pacific Group Facilitators
1st Sunday of the month 2 – 4 pm Parents of Color with trans / gender diverse-children of any age Dirk McCulloch and Judith Davis
1st Sunday 4 – 6 pm Parents of trans / gender-diverse kids in elementary school Facilitators Rotate
1st Tuesday 2 – 4 pm Parents of trans / gender diverse-children of any age Kristin Wilson-Key
2nd Sunday 2 – 3:30 pm Youth Zoom Group for Youth in Middle School up to College Trans Adult Mentors and Facilitators
2nd Sunday 4 – 6 pm Parents of trans / gender-diverse middle schoolers meet Facilitators Rotate
2nd Tuesday 6 – 8 pm Dads Group Brandon Miller
2nd Saturday 8 – 10 am Parents of trans / gender-diverse children of any age Debi Jackson
3rd Sunday 2 – 4 pm Latinx and Spanish-Speaking Parents of trans / gender-diverse children of any age Lizette Trujillo
3rd Sunday 4 – 6 pm Parents of trans / gender-diverse children high-school-age and beyond Facilitators Rotate
3rd Wednesday 3 – 5 pm Extra Credit. Special topics vary and are announced in advance. Aidan Key
3rd Thursday 3 – 5 pm Parents of Nonbinary children of any age Nikki Neuen and Rachel Langshall
4th Sunday 2 – 4 pm Thriving on Two Spectrums Parents of trans / gender-diverse children who are also neuro-diverse (e.g. autism) Huddle Blakefield and Rachel Nemhauser (Arc of King County)
4th Sunday 4 – 6 pm Extra Credit. Topics vary and are announced in advance. Aidan Key
4th Wednesday 4 – 6 pm Parents of trans / gender-diverse children of any age Huddle Blakefield
4th Wednesday 5 – 6:30 pm Hang Time: Social time and games for youth up to age 25 Vatsa, Jack, Astrid, Wesley
  1. Become a member. We have a brief screening process and orientation. Again, your safety and privacy matter and this step helps ensure an optimal environment for all.
  2. Install Zoom. (See instructions to the right under “New to Video Groups?”)
  3. Register for one or more group meetings.
  4. After you register you will receive an email containing a Zoom link (URL).  A few minutes before the time of the support group meeting, click the link to join the meeting.

Yes.  In fact, we encourage you to create an avatar or pseudonym which will help to ensure your privacy.  In spite of our screening process, there will be some inherent risk as Trans Families extends its resources across the nation.  You may participate by phone only or the video link can be set up to show no video.

Yes, you may participate in any group (unless it is designated as a closed group i.e. “Dads Only”).  Some parents look into groups designed for parents of kids “an age up”, to preview conversation topics there.

Great! We’d love to hear your thoughts. We anticipate adding specific interest groups as needed.  There are benefits to having some closed groups to foster feelings of safety, inclusion, and understanding.  As the Trans Families community grows, we are happy to hear your suggestions.  Contact us!

We are able to provide one-on-one consultations over the phone or via Zoom (video conference) meeting.  To get started, contact us here and let us know some specifics about your questions. Someone from our staff will be in touch soon.

New to video groups?

Before your first support group, you’ll need to follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Zoom Download Page.
    2. Click download for “Zoom Client for Meetings.” This will be the first download (blue button).
    3. Open and run the installer that was downloaded.
    4. Open the Zoom application.

All meeting participants will need to log in to the application to use Zoom meeting links.