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Connecting to other families like yours can make all the difference in the world. You are not alone.

Families in our groups come from every kind of background – families of faith, immigrants, high tech executives; rural, suburban, and urban families; families with deaf children, adopted children, neuro-diverse children, and foster children; families who “saw the signs early” and families for whom “it doesn’t make any sense.” Some families here have been on this journey for many years, while many more are connecting with others for the very first time.

Trans Families is more than just a place to get information. It is a place to make friends, post statuses, send messages, share photos, and much more. All without ads.

Available to our site members, our discussion boards are a place to ask for advice, share tips, celebrate victories, share advocacy, find resources and much more.

Looking for tips on where to find clothing?

Wondering what to do when your 5-year-old wants to change their name to Sparkle Unicorn Princess?

Curious to know how other families have handled a particular school situation?

Perhaps you need to know how to update a social security card?

Use the discussion boards to connect 24/7, or search for advice on earlier conversations.

Raising a child who is transgender, gender diverse, or simply exploring their gender is sometimes a daunting task.

According to most of our families, the single, most crucial resource they found was the opportunity to converse with other families—those with shared experience, and even those whose experience was quite different. We offer a growing number of support groups to help make these important connections. Our hope at Trans Families is that your connection with other parents will illuminate the pathways to support a strong, resilient, and happy child.

Trans Families support groups are for families with trans and gender diverse children.  We screen all attendees to ensure that the groups are safe.

Among the topics addressed at our group meetings:

  • Is this a phase?
  • What if my child changes his/her mind?
  • Are trainings available for my child’s school?
  • Are there other families like mine?
  • How is this different from being gay?
  • How do I talk to friends, family, and co-workers about this?
  • How do we find a good doctor (therapist, school, etc.)?
  • My spouse and I disagree on how to address this issue. What should we do?
  • Did my parenting in some way cause this?
  • How do I legally change my child’s ID documents?

Exploring one’s gender identity is not something that most people ever have to do. This exploration can be all consuming, especially at the beginning. Identifying the best course of action—or determining if any action should take place—can be one of the most challenging decisions you’ll ever make. The implications are not limited simply to your own life. A gender transition, whether physical or internal, can greatly impact your partner/spouse, your children, parents, work colleagues, friends and can even change your place in community. Everyone can benefit from having support in this process.

Gender Diversity provides direct support to individuals through one-on-one consultation services or through individualized education. This is primarily done over the telephone but sessions via Zoom or similar can be arranged as well.

Topics addressed include:

  • Individualized training for providers/professionals
  • One-on-one support or trouble-shooting for parents
  • Adults considering a gender transition
    • Workplace considerations
    • Disclosure to others
    • Finding knowledgeable providers
    • Additional factors
  • Training for establishing a support group
  • Support for family or friends of a transgender person
  • If you are a family member who needs information and support regarding your child’s gender expression or identity, Trans Families can help.